Welcome to David E. Miller, Ph.D., Psychologist Inc.

Attention: David E. Miller, Ph.D., Psychologist is retiring; he has discontinued seeing patients in the office.  Active patients have been referred to other providers for continuity of services.

Dr. Miller recommends the following providers for individuals seeking services:
Richard Odor, Ph.D., Psychologist  (614-863-4119); John Wagner, Ph.D., Psychologist  (614-863-2399);  Yvonne Gray, LISW  (614-860-0234); or A.J. McConnell, Ph.D., Psychologist (614-636-4779)

Psychological & Clinical Services:

Psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, and counseling are services covered by most health and medical insurance companies when provided by a licensed psychologist. Dr. Miller is a provider for a majority of medical plans and participates in several plans and networks. For more information about specific coverage, please inquire with your health insurance to confirm coverage and the benefits provided.
Extreme care is given to maintain privacy, confidentiality, professional and ethical standards by all of our staff.  We work closely with family physicians, pediatricians, psychiatrists, and ministers with patients requests and permission to coordinate services.